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Challenging the World with Words

Miguel A. Fenrich (he/him) is an award-winning Sudanese-Canadian storyteller, writer, and artist living and working on Treaty 6 land west of Saskatoon. He is the owner of northwest Saskatchewan’s leading genre fiction publishing company, Supernova Press, for which he received a QEII Platinum Jubilee Medal. He has been awarded numerous Saskatchewan newspaper awards for his journalism over the last two years.

In his fiction, he tackles thought-provoking themes such as white supremacy and it’s relation to colonization, class consciousness, feminism, and issues facing the LGBTQ2S+ community. Recently, he’s been exploring the world of poetry as a way of addressing society’s challenges, and has written and published two novels, Blue and What Lies in the Valley.

He is currently writing his third novel, and is exploring photography as a way to uncover his relationship with settler Saskatchewan, his heritage, and the Canadian Prairies. To learn more about him and his work, get in touch on social media or listen to some of his favourite songs below.

Fenrich currently serves as the Vice-President of the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild.



What Lies in the Valley Paperback Books by Miguel A. Fenrich

In the isolation of the Foxtail Valley sits the ancestral home of the McMillian family.

Dust floats in the hallways, and wind cannot sway it. The windows twinkle on cloudy days, the foundation doesn’t crack, and nothing can seemingly force the house to follow the laws of nature. Whispers say a tall shadowy man stands in the attic, and only a high-pitched ringing can be heard when he speaks.

Klara’s grandparents burned alive on Christmas eve. Her father vanished with their fortune and his mistress. A shadowed, child-stealing creature, the Watcher, stole Klara’s youngest brother.

Klara’s family, plagued by misfortune and horror, flee to Canada, where their house in the Foxtail Valley waits for them. Unbeknownst to them, unseen forces lying in the valley prepare for their arrival.

Available NOW through: Amazon and Supernova Press

Follow Wolfe, one of the millions of blue-eyed workers toiling beneath the cruel, overbearing thumb of a brown-eyed supremacy organization that has convinced a future society that blue-eyed people are lazy, weak, and inferior to the brown-eyed majority.

When Wolfe hears rumours of a mounting plot to overthrow a luxurious eastern plantation that thrives off enslaved, blue-eyed labour, Wolfe must decide if the threat of death is worse than slavery to his brown-eyed masters. Thrust into possible rebellion and a vast journey across the North American continent, will Wolfe, posed against monstrous opposition, change the world? 

Available NOW through: Amazon, Supernova Press, Saskbooks, and the Saskatchewan library system.

Hi, I’m Miguel!

The death of Colten Boushie in rural Saskatchewan and the murder of George Floyd sent me searching for justice. After publishing my first novel, Blue, a story that empowers dialogue around corporate greed, class awareness, and the dangers of an apathetic society, I began my writing career followed by What Lies in the Valley.

Stories that make readers take pause — question, wonder, an would allow for hours (if not more) of discussion on the topics of white supremacy, systemic racism, LGBTQ2S rights, feminism, greed, mental health, feminism, and class.

Aside from my work, you can often find me around a board table, exploring the people and lands of the province, or reading a good book. To read more about what I’m getting up to, check out some recent press coverage below:

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